Doha Fishing Jetty - A crucial piece of a larger urban vision

Highness won the design competition featuring word-class natural extension of the public spaces and pedestrian networks within the area of corniche. This project is a joint venture between Highness Architecture Engineering and Interior, and International Design and Consultant Company (IDCC) that won second place during the latest design competition held in the state of Qatar. The design aims to create a rich pedestrian experience that starts at the Corniche and reaches all the extremities of the site.

The proposed concept design contains two pedestrian levels, the ground level allows for pedestrian as well as car access for drop-off and parking, the Second level is an elevated garden that reaches all corners of the site. It’s landscape is an elevated garden with patterns that inspired by beautiful Qatari traditional henna tattoo drawings. This is a clear manifestation that Highness is committed to produce world-class ye with a touch of Local Qatari culture.

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