Doha Fishing Jetty


The development of the Fishing Jetty represents a crucial piece of a larger urban vision. The Jetty will become a natural extension of the public spaces and pedestrian networks that make up Souq Waqif. Patrons of the Souq will be able to enjoy artistic public spaces and amenities overlooking the bay. The Jetty’s location is nestled between Souq Waqif to the South, the Islamic Museum to the East, and the Pedestrian walkways leading to the Corniche – creating a synergy that will complement Doha’s water edge. The intent of the proposal is to create a valuable pedestrian experience from the Corniche, reaching to the extremities of the area. The experience should be grand, innovative, with a variety of spatial, visual, olfactory and textural experience. To achieve this, the scheme proposes two pedestrian levels: The Ground level allows for pedestrians as well as car access for drop-off and parking; The upper level will function as a museum, where we allocated various sculptures that reflects Qatar’s rich culture, heritage and facilities.

Scope: Architecture & Engineering Design

Area: 35,000 sqm

Location:Doha, Qatar