Museum of Transportation


Highness was tasked to produce a local landscape and vernacular typology, for an authentic new landmark for Qatar. Our team came up with a design concept for the building, in the shape of a tent , signifying the beauty of desert dunes.
Highness was assigned to design this new office and gallery. The project involves Interior Design for the following spaces:

Form and Function:

The concept of Doha Transportation Education Center is to create an iconic building; a place where the public will experience a sense of movement. In addition, the proximity of the area to the metro station sets the ambition to create an immediate connection between the flow of public transit and the visitors of the Education center.

A Dynamic Surprising Space

The three triangles generates an iconic identity for Qatar. Instead of architecture of form and image, the project aims to create a reintegration of Achitecture and Engineering, where intelligence is not invested in effect but in a structural and conceptual logic, offering a new kind of performance and functionality.

Scope: Design Competition

Area: 100,000 sqm

Location:Doha - Qatar