Museum of Transportation


Below is a summary of the main concepts & approaches:

The Local Landscape and the Vernacular Typology: To produce an authentic new landmark for Doha and for Qatar, the design process has been oriented towards the specificity of the context and the culture to whom the project is offered. The keen observation of the Qatari Landscape and the research upon a vernacular typology, the tent, shaped a conceptual form of the building which aims to reproduce such references: the immediate iconicity of the tent and the beauty of the desert’s dunes, whose gentle and changing silhouette creates a beautiful horizon.

A Dynamic Surprising Space

The simplicity of the form, three identical triangle vaults, allow the proejct to achieve at its interior an extremely generous spatial organization: the program is distributed throughout two main floors which cover horizontally the whole foor print of the three vault. The Experience of the extraordinary interior volume, the participation to the movement and of the verticality has been achieved through walkways and mezzanines activate by voids and a dynamic circulation scheme.

Client:Ministry of Transportation

Project Value:2 Billion QAR

Scope: Design Competition

Area: 100,000 sqm

Location:Doha – Qatar